How it works for Sus4 session artists...

Sus4 Sessions is all about creating a showcase for the finest musical talent to be discovered and listened to by engaged, respectful and discerning lovers of live music.

We recognised the plight of the modern musical artist who is constrained by ever-decreasing options of good music venues to perform their unique passion and creative talent.

Not only are venues limited in numbers, they tend to promote a shallow range of cover, tribute and 'middle of the road' bands - or worse still abdicate entertainment to a DJ!

Our audiences are invited to come with an open mind and support our artists by showing their respect for the time and efforts they have invested into their craft with our simple House Rules.... Avoiding conversation, turning phones off during performances and offering you their full attention. This is your time to shine!

Our Artists benefit from ...

  • An audience of pre-paid ticket buyers
  • Our unique, intimate and inspiring hand-picked venues
  • PA system, stage and stage lighting (performances must veer on minimal amplification)
  • A professionally recorded video of your performance which will be hosted on our Youtube Channel with extensive promotion to Sus4 Sessions social media followers and guests.
  • Limited complimentary tickets
  • Option to promote merchandise, CDs and social media pages, plus future gigs.
  • Post event mail shots to our guests to encourage them to follow you on your social media channels

Every Sus4 Session is comprised of 3 acts showcasing typically 5 songs/tracks.


Apply Now to Perform at an Upcoming Session.

  • Minimum 50% original music OR a very creative reenactment of cover material
  • Maximum of 5 performers
  • 'Stripped-back' performance requiring minimal amplification and backline
  • Professional standard & experienced performing to live audiences
  • Can demonstrate performing experience have a maturing audience of followers on social media and other channels
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Your Name
Show us your talents! Please provide a link to at least a single video with you and/or your band performing to a live audience.