How it works for guests...

The Vision

We bring to you the finest of local musical talent, arranged in a showcase format (3 different acts, 5 tracks each with breaks between each set to grab a drink and socialise) - all hosted in our alternative, interesting venues decked out to create an intimate, immersive and chilled environment. Relax, listen to fantastic original live music and meet fellow enthusiasts like yourself! We are blessed with wonderful venue hosts who provide the location for our unique and experiential settings - may be a vineyard, brewery, cave, private country garden etc. Come in, grab a cushion, a chair or floorspace. Think of it as being invited to the Sus4 front room chilling out with good company.

And why worry about how to get home - why not completely escape and enjoy an overnight stay in one of our glamping tents?! Much easier than trying to get a cab home! (at select events)


Making Music great again!

It is unbelievable the amount of talented musical acts that are on our doorsteps. We tirelessly audition dozens of artists in order to find the best quality entertainment for you - so you don't have to! 

We guarantee that you will be enlightened and delighted by the acts we showcase. That is why we never tell you who will be performing before the night. And we never have a headline act. We just ensure that the order of the artists performing has the right flow for your evening entertainment. 

Our talented acts have spent years mastering their craft, plus hours writing, rehearsing & tweaking their sets before they get the chance to share their gifts with you. Therefore, we ask our guests to join us in some basic house rules, similar to a theatre! - 

The Sus4 Sessions House Rules!

  • Arrive in time for the first acts (arrive at 19:30 for 20:00 start)
  • Find a space in our venue to make yourself comfy. We will have plenty of cushions and other seating for you to make yourself at home
  • Turn mobiles onto silent
  • Refrain from chatting or leaving during the sets
  • Please stay to the end

Most nights we will be videoing the artists to provide them with a professional quality video promo of their live performance. Therefore supporting them and other guests with these simple guides will make the experience for you and our artists a memorable one.