About us...

There is a revolution happening - and you could be part of it!

For decades places to go, explore and enjoy live music at weekends have slowly eroded away. Pubs, clubs and private venues have all been hit with changing social trends, costs of business rates & taxes, legislation, pressure from landlords, breweries and other bodies restricting trade and ability to put on unique nights.

And life out-of-town is even more limited... But people in towns and villages countrywide are looking for new adventures, exciting experiences and the perfect 'staycation' weekend break.

Mark Kirby & Nigel Lewis came together to create a unique proposition to counter the decay of great places to discover fine talent.

nigel lewis profile.jpg

Both been involved in performing and event management for 3 decades. Mark is a well-known sax player in Kent and Nigel is a wizard on the ivories and performs in multiple bands as well as an event co-ordinator for several major local festivals. Mark sold is core business interests in 2016 and decided to invest into giving back to the scene that had given him so much adventure, friendships and fun since the age of 12 - and to leave the world of corporate numbness behind!

And after much research, the dream was born. Come and join us and support us on our journey!